Season's Greetings for the year of Wild Boar, 2019

In the morning of the New Year's Day, 
Mr. and Mrs. Wild Boar are getting ready for the Serpent's party.
Mrs. Wild Boar with black hair hides her face by sitting behind a fabric screen.
She wears twelve layers of different colored kimono from an ancient era.
"Why don't you wear men's kimono from the ancient era?" asked Mrs. Wild Boar.
"That would be a good idea," said Mr. Wild Boar heading to a dressing room.



Keiko Okamoto was born in Kyoto and raised in Kamakura, Japan.  She graduated from Women's College of Fine Arts, majoring in textile dyeing and weaving (B.F.A.)
She started her career as a fabric designer experienced in yuzen dyeing for kimono fabrics and then in textiles for Western clothing.  Artistic design of the fabrics & drawing became her avocation while she devoted herself to the textiles/fashion business in Tokyo.
In 2004, she earned Master of Science (M.S.) at Ohio State University.  Her major was Textiles & Clothing, Consumer Sciences, where she looked into global fashion business.
After returning to Tokyo, Keiko became involved in global sourcing for the Japanese fashion market.  
Her interests at present is artisans who have been working in Kyoto kimono industry that could have been destroyed sometime in the mid 20th century when more and more people started wearing western clothing. She wants to introduce artisans' artworks to artists and art lovers all over the world.  In spring, 2017, she goes back to the academic field again.



Global Fashion Business
Textiles & Clothing
Human Ecology
Textile Dyeing and Weaving
Industrial Design
(Now, Joshibi University of Art and Design)