Apr. 22, 2017

Kyoto textiles, Kyo yuzen 

by an Intangible National Treasure, Tameji Ueno. "Kanki" from Tokyo National Museum. 


May. 3, 2017


Stencil katazome by Nioko Kagoshima @Kokuten '91.

Oct. 23, 2015

Textiles by Ryoko Fujii

Ryoko Fujii's brush-dyed wool muslin. 



Apr. 11, 2017


Business profile updated. 



Dec. 24, 2015

Oka-ju Textile

Mr. Okaijma, the president of Oka-ju Textile, was inspired by Ise stencil katagami.


Oct. 1, 1998

Structure & Surface: Contemporary Japanese Textiles

Commercial fabrics ended up at a museum show.